Customer Testimonials

The following messages and excerpts are a few from the many similar ones which make part of our everyday correspondence with our customers, from their acknowledgement of receipt messages, and from the comments left on our Customer Satisfaction Survey form. We have reproduced some of the messages in their integrity, as well as parts of other messages which are relevant for this purpose. In order to protect the privacy of the senders, we have included their initials instead of their full names. We have respected upper case characters, emoticons, etc., as originally written by their authors.

We are deeply grateful to all the persons who have trusted us since our early days online, back in 1996. Not only they have shown their confidence ordering from us, but they tell their friends about us, link their websites to ours, and send us these encouraging messages. It is thanks to their support that we are here today.

"The gorgeous ocher fan has arrived, and I couldn’t be more pleased! The quality of materials used and beautiful workmanship, as well as, the aesthetic beauty, the weight and smooth action, are all that could be hoped for. The pierced wood pattern is even prettier when seen in person, without making the fan feel fragile. Your excellent customer service, both prompt and pleasant, is greatly appreciated."

H.B., South Carolina, USA.

"I received the fan, I'm so in love with it! I'm a happy costumer. Its so classy, beautiful and has an amazing quality, I'm so happy with the order. Thank you so much!!"

A.H., New York, USA.

 "I LOVE my fans that I get from you!!... Thank you!"
J.H., Texas, USA

"Thank you very much for your speedy response and for the information on my new fan. It is very beautiful… I look forward to getting more fans."
V.F., Connecticut, USA

"You guys are great! Thank you! That is perfect. Thank you very much!"
N.S., New York, USA

"I can see that you produce really high quality products."
E.M., London, UK

"I just received my fan. Beautiful!"
C.T., Florida, USA

"Dear Jordi:
OMG I Love them!!!
So lovely your work is! They are perfect!!
Thank you so much. I am sure they will be a big hit at my show:))
You did a beautiful job and it is so much appreciated!
And I will want to order more for sure in near future. Thank you so much for your beautiful job!!
You are the best!! "
R.B. Florida, USA

"I want to assure you that I will gladly recommend your company to anyone showing an interest in the fans I bought from you."
D.P., California, USA

"Just to let you know that my fan arrived this morning. I am extremely pleased with it and think it is beautifully made and finished."
P.S., London, UK

"Keep doing what you are doing- and bring in more fans! I LOVE this site and the hand fans I buy here."
P.R., New York, USA

"Great news! Thanks for the update."

T.S., Connecticut, USA
(Written after continuity of the website was announced)

"I was so sad when I checked your site and saw that you were closing. I ordered my first fan from you when I was 12 and now 10 years later at 22 I am purchasing two more. The first fan is still working and in excellent condition. I really cannot tell you how much enjoyment I have gotten from it over the past 10 years. It has been through drama productions, reenactments, military dinners, and college with me. What amazes me is it still snaps open with the same pleasing sound that thrilled me when I was 12. Thank you so much, and although I am sad to see you go, I wish you well in your retirement. Thank you for producing such a magnificent product. Sincerely,"
K.E.H., Virginia, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

 "So sorry to hear you are closing the business, Hector, although I can certainly understand the appeal of retirement. You will be missed. Now I won't know where to refer my friends when they express an interest in fans! Best of luck to you ...”"

S.C., New York, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for offering lovely product over the years. I will hand my fan down in my family as an heirloom."
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Congrats on your retirement and I wish you happiness and good health. We all will miss you. Thank you for your service. Sincerely,"
J.A.V., Maryland, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Nooooooo! You cannot close!!! There is no one else like you!!!"
P.R., New York, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Let me say I love your fans and, while I congratulate you on your
upcoming retirement, I will miss you and your fans! I  just placed an order for a few more to hopefully tide me over until I find a suitable replacement source. Your fans are the BEST in the world. I am often asked about
them and where to get them."
T.S., Connecticut, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Frankly, I am crushed that your wonderful hand fans will soon be unavailable. I have used or gifted each one with great joy and satisfaction and have always loved their beauty and durability. Several times a friend or acquaintance has admired one of my fans, and seeing the spark of desire in their eyes I have immediately handed it over as a gift of friendship. Thank you for years of fine craftsmanship and exemplary service. I send you all my best wishes for a rich and satisfying retirement. Sincerely,"
M.A.S., Michigan, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Your wonderful business will be so missed. I'm truly sorry to see you go. You've established a highly reputable online store with excellent customer service and of course the product is not comparable, it's just the best. What will we do?"
Z.D.M., New York, USA
(Written before continuity of the website was announced)

"Your product is extraordinaire and your customer service exquisite!!!!!"
K.B., Arizona, USA

Very pleased with item, and packaging is superb! I like how the fan was wrapped like chocolate bar. Thanks!
F.Y.W., Hong Kong

Received the fans this week. They are absolutely gorgeous. So well made and delicate at the same time, and well presented. Thank you for getting all three to me so quickly! Kind regards,
C.C., New South Wales, Australia

The fans look stunning. I am very, very happy with them. I am sure the guests will be nicely surprised when we hand them out at the wedding. Thank you very much for all your help and advice. It was the best service I received in a long time. Hope you have a wonderful festive season. Kind regards,
B.M., Windhoek, Namibia
(After ordering wedding fans)

BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship – EXCELLENT product!
Thanx! Fan arrived today –and it is the perfect replacement for one I lost, while traveling in Bali, after many years of service. The KC2237 Plain Wooden Fan is a simple, yet elegant solution to the heat –and perfect for a man to use. It is a comfort to know that the respect for traditional craftsmanship shown by you lives on, and I can see that your fans will last for many years, even with daily use. Best,
R.P., Casa Wombat!, Queensland, Australia.

I received the fan, and it is exquisite. I absolutely love it. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship and quality. Will be back again. Regards,
M.Z.V., California, USA

[…] they are absolutely beautiful! Definitely more than we expected! Thanks so much for a wonderful product!
E.A., California, USA
(After ordering wedding program fans)

I received the fan just the other day and everything is great thanks again for the great fan and my mother loves it.
B.P., Maryland, USA

The fans arrived this morning. They are more beautiful than I expected. My wife was surprised and overjoyed at receiving them. The long wait was worth everything. Thanks for your most kind assistance and your beautiful fans.
With sincere gratitude,
F.S., Florida, USA

(This shipment was affected by the global mail delays of December 2010)

I received it!!!!! It’s a real beauty. Thank you so very much. Our deal was a pleasure!!!!!!!! Kind regards,
E.M., Athens, Greece


It is so beautiful!!! What a fantastic job. It's even better than I hoped it would be!

I really appreciated the kind and prompt correspondence and attention to my special requests, not to mention that the job was done and shipped much faster than I expected. Thanks so much!
E.M.L., Texas, USA

(After receiving the custom made bridal hand fan depicted above)

I want to thank you for your prompt and excellent service. I will be recommending your company to anyone who asks in the future.
M.P., California, USA

Thanks a lot for the beautiful hand fans. We just received them. They are perfect!
L.M.E., Paris, France

Forgive my tardiness in passing along my highest compliments to you and your company. Although initially leary of ordering something over the internet internationally, my experience with your company was excellent. Your prompt processing of my order and the speediness of its delivery were superior, even during the busy Christmas holiday season; even better than service I receive from domestic companies here in the United States. Secondly, I simply must pass along my compliments for the high quality of your product. I gave the fan to a very dear friend of mine, who proudly uses it daily! And of course, I smile every time I see her use it! To top it all off, you are located in Barcelona, where we visited last February, and plan to return with my friend's daughter this coming December. We do hope that you have a shop that we can visit while we are there in your most beautiful city. Again, my deepest thanks for your wonderful service and products. Most sincerely yours,
D.S., California, USA

The service and quality is outstanding! The company has great communication and wonderful quality that I highly recommend.
T.E., California, USA

Beautiful fans! Love it!
S.M.M., California, USA

[...] all was in good order exactly as we had requested. Thank you again for your good service and the wonderful fans. Sincerely,
G.E. for Mrs. A.A., California, USA

My entire shopping experience was delightful. Excellent attention was paid to every detail.
J.R.W., California, USA

I was so pleased with my first order that I am back to purchase more of your exquisite fans! I originally purchased your fans primarily as a fashion accessory, because they are so beautiful. But after using them, I see how valuable they are to have in the hot weather and how they are very well made. Now I am purchasing additional fans so I can have them everywhere for cooling purposes. I am recommending them to all my friends for their beauty and practicality. I would think that with the early summer heat wave we have experienced here in the USA, hand fans should make a strong comeback as a practical and beautiful item every woman (and man) would want to have with them at all times. Also I must mention the excellent customer service I received from [your sales representative] on my first order. Thank you.
K.C., Maryland, USA

[...] Just wanted to let you know that I received my lace fan today. It is so nice and cool. Thanks a lot.
Z.F., Manchester, United Kingdom

Good news - the fans arrived safely. My wife to be is delighted - they are just what we wanted. Many thanks for all your help and good luck. Best,
E.D., Brentford, United Kingdom

Thank you very much Sir! The fans have arrived in perfect condition. Everything fine. I like them very much... Good job and kind assistance. Gracias,
G.D.M., Geneva, Switzerland

I have got the handfan already yesterday, Monday! And I think it is really lovely. Thanks a lot for posting it so promptly. Kind regards from Switzerland.
E.W., Zürich, Switzerland

I just received my fan and again it is beautiful and I will enjoy it as much as my previous one. Thank you very much.
J.V., Maryland, USA

[...] I ADORE my fan and have purchased a second one for my best friend. Your beautiful fans are such a treasure and I doubt this will be my last purchase. Thank you so much!
L.C., Texas, US

We have already received the program fans, and they are gorgeous. Thank you for all your time and energy. They are going to be one of the memorable things about our wedding. Thank you,
K.V.B., California, USA

Your fans are absolutely beautiful works of art! I just received my fans and I am in awe of their beauty and grace! Such workmanship; such style! Thank you, thank you!
K.S.G., New York, USA

thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, I received my item and --I LOVE IT....
A.D., New Jersey, USA

The three fans I ordered arrived yesterday. They are fabulous! I liked how you wrapped them with care for shipment to me. Thank you very much! Sincerely,
R.B., California, USA

I just received my fan. It's so beautiful. Just what I was looking for. Thank you very much for the most beautiful hand fan I've ever seen. Cheers,
A.F., Washington, USA

I am very pleased with my plain medium bubinga/black fan. As an accessory it is comforting to hold, classic in beauty, unusual (at least in California) and allows me to feel elegant when the temperature soars. Stylish with summer linens, tailored suits and spare black dresses.
N.C., California, USA

Just wanted to tell you, fans arrived today, they're glorious, I love them! Everything went smoothly, I'll soon place another order. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day.
P.S., New Jersey, USA

Your quality of product and service are amazing. Thank you so much for your help!

[We] wanted to thank you again for your service and quality of products. Your fans were the beginning of a magical day for us and all our guests were mesmerized by the beauty of your invitation. Thank you. Best regards,
R. B-C. and B.C., New York, USA

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if all businesses were as prompt and thorough as yours?

I'm only sorry that your customer survey has no rating higher than "very satisfied." I have purchased several fans through the site and made enquiries about a custom fan design possibility. And every interaction was addressed promptly and professionally.
S.C., New York, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I have just received the invitation fans today. I loved them; they are so beautiful and so elegant. Great job, well done. I would also like to thank you for all your help and effort, you have been a great help. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for the great outstanding service :)
Kind Regards,
D.I., Auckland, New Zealand

My fan arrived safe and sound--the pictures online were great, but don't really convey the richness of the wood and the painting--and the sound! It's a lovely thing. I'm so happy to have it. I'm placing a second order for another of your beautiful fans, and for a simpler one I'm going to paint myself. [...] Thank you again and warm regards,

Both fans arrived today around noon. Again, I'm struck by how beautiful they are. I ordered the black one because I wanted something close to an antique fan; it's just what I wanted, only more so. The brown one I'm going to paint is striking on its own. The wood is so delicate. They have something face to face that just doesn't come across on the computer; I'm not sure, maybe it's personality. In any case, thank you so much, and thank you for such a speedy delivery. Warmly,
A.D. New York, USA

The fans are here thank you so much. I am so excited, they do look so beautiful. [...] Wish you all the best in your business. Thank you once again.
N.C., Hornchurch, United Kingdom

Hello from Oklahoma, U.S.A! I purchased two lovely fans [...] and am thrilled with my purchase. The craftsmanship is excellent. I am very pleased to do business with your company and would do business with you again. Buying overseas can be difficult sometimes. I am very happy to report that that was not the case with your company. I was kept current as to the status and delivery of my order, which arrived quickly, as scheduled. Now I can be cool under 13 layers of organza, silk, and satin (bridal gown) and on evenings out (ballroom style) dancing. Keep up the great work! Thank you very much. Best wishes!
Miss S.Z. Oklahoma, USA

Je viens de recevoir le quatrième ©ventail que j'ai command© chez vous. Il est absolument magnifique. Je pense que je ne tarderai pas à agrandir ma collection par l'achat d'un cinquième. Merci aux artistes qui les conçoivent. Ils sont vraiment très beaux.

Translation: I have just received the fourth fan which I ordered from you. It is absolutely splendid. I think that I will not be long in increasing my collection by the purchase of a fifth fan. Thanks to the artists who conceive them. They are really very beautiful.
M.M., Royan, France

My fan arrived today--I love it! I am really enjoying using it. I am definitely going to have some more of your wonderful fans! Yours,
R.L.D., Texas, USA

I can confirm that the fans have arrived and I am delighted with them, they're absolutely lovely! I will be recommending you everywhere, thank you so much!
J.R., Larroque-sur-l'Osse, France

Today, we received the Bridal Fan at 5:00pm at San Juan Puerto Rico. Our thanks for the excellent service and customer follow-up information provided regarding the purchase and shipment of the fan this week. Thank you very much and we look forward in the near future to purchase other items from you. I am sure the bride (my future daughter-in-law) will appreciate it very much.
Cordially yours,
C.M. and Dr. D.M., San Juan, Puerto Rico

When I received my fan, I was truly in awe. I have received many compliments and I have recommended your website to my friends. Thank you, again,
S.B., California, USA

Yes, yes, yes! The fans arrived and they are fabulous! It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. Your product is unique and will add another dimension to the upcoming party.
C.P., Georgia, USA

My two fans arrived yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful way to keep cool and display a lovely work of art. I am looking forward to seeing more contemporary paintings on your fans. Outstanding! I am very pleased with my purchase.
Y.V.B., New York, USA

I just want to let you know that we received the fans yesterday and we love them! Thank you so much for your wonderful service and I'm really glad I listened to your recommendation with the blue fan and silver words. It looks a lot better than the black text on ivory fans! Take care and we will be recommending others to your website on our wedding day!
A.W., California, USA

Just to let you know, I have received my order. Thank you very much. I must say, the fans are even lovelier in person than on the website. I am planning on giving them to my fianc©e for Valentine's Day and I am certain that she will love them also. Thank you again.
P.P.M., Utah, USA

J'ai reçu aujourd'hui l'©ventail que j'avais command© : il est tout simplement somptueux et les mat©riaux superbes. Il va beaucoup voyager, tout particulièrement en Italie où je me rends r©gulièrement. Je recommanderai très volontiers votre soci©t© pour ses magnifiques ©ventails ainsi que l'attitude très professionnelle de votre ©quipe. Sincères remerciements et salutations.

Translation: I received today the fan which I had ordered: it is quite simply sumptuous and the materials are superb. It will travel much, particularly to Italy where I go regularly. I will recommend very readily your company for its splendid fans as well as the very professional attitude of your team. Sincere thanks and regards,
L.A., Pordic, France

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for the excellent service that you have provided so far. I received the two fans so soon after placing my order, that I was quite astonished. Service from other internet sales providers is nowhere near as good as yours. The fans I have are beautiful, and I am so pleased, as one is to be a present for a relation. I cannot wait to receive the next one.
With kind regards,
J.S.C., Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

I wanted to drop you a line to first thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. Secondly, to let you know that I received the fans today and they are absolutely beautiful! I ordered one for my Mom and one for myself. Upon seeing my Mom's, I realize that I have to order one just like hers for myself. :) Thank you again for your fast response, the prompt shipment, and most all, these beautiful fans. Now I know what to buy for the women on my gift list and just exactly where to go for them. Thank you so much! Best regards,
D.V., Maryland, USA

Just a quick message to inform you that I have received my fan this morning in the post. The quality is impeccable as usual and thank you for making it stress free and pleasurable shop. With kind regards,
I.S.K., Labege, France

I received the box of fans today and everything looks great. Thank you so much for such good and quick work.
P.W.M., California, USA

This is the third fan I have ordered from you. All of your fans are exquisite! I am looking forward to receiving it and using it right away. Thank you so much for your promptness in replying to my messages and in sending all three of my fans. They arrive quickly and in excellent condition.
M.M.N., California, USA

I received my beautiful new white fan last week and I'm so pleased by the high quality, the design and the way it was packed and shipped. Thank you very much for your kind and fast service. Sincerely,
N.G., Offenbach am Main, Germany

I received the Fans. Perfect Perfect. Thank you so very much for all you did. What a wedding we are going to have. Great workmanship and quality in your product. Thank you again.
L.S., New Jersey, USA

I love it, I love it, I love it.
Thank you so much it’s so beautiful.
A.J.A.A., Doha, Qatar

I recently received the fan I ordered. It arrived in perfect condition. It is even more beautiful than it appears in the picture. I had wanted a fan like this for many years. It is truly a work of art. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and wanted you to know. [...]
E.R., Puerto Rico, USA

Just a note to say the fans arrived today, and I am so pleased with them! They will be used at my wedding for the bridesmaids in lieu of flower bouquets. They are so beautifully painted and exquisitely made, I know the girls will enjoy them for years to come as well. Thanks again for your lovely product. Sincerely,
G.H., Oregon, USA

I received the fans and they are as beautiful as I imagined. Thank you very much for completing the details of my wedding and making it perfect :) . Thank you again.
M.K., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for your kind email, I received my fan today and it is beautiful. I'm giving it to my coworker as a present and I’m quite sure she will be very pleased. Thank you for your prompt service. Sincerely,
P.C.K., Texas, USA

My wife would like to thank you and your team very much for the exquisite fan which she received yesterday and says the packaging was very well thought and she adores the hand painting so please consider this as thanks from one very content customer and apologies for any incorrect Spanish. Thank you again,
S. and I. S.K., Odars, France

I love fans and use them daily. My IDECO fan arrived yesterday. I waited in great anticipation to get it..... today! IT IS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. Everything about your craftsmanship: the website, the fan, the packaging, your communications, the shipping reflects quality and great respect for materials, creativity, structural integrity and beauty. I love this fan and look forward to using it as well as planning which IDECO fan I’ll get next! Sincerely,
R.H., New York, USA

I have received the fans and wanted to thank you for them. They really turned out wonderful - and I’ll be sure to tell everyone where I got them from. Thanks so much for everything.
D.Q., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We received the fans. We all loved them very much! Thank you again for your great service and I hope to do business again. Sincere regards,
N.D.G., California, USA.

I received my order yesterday. It arrived in good condition and undamaged. I am delighted with the fan, which is a birthday present for my sister. Because we are Spanish, I will be sending the customs documents along with the fan. She will love that it is an authentic Spanish fan. Thank you very much. Sincerely,
L.C., Arizona, USA

Thought you would like to know that I used my fan for the first time on Saturday night when I went to an outdoor concert. I received numerous compliments on the beauty of my fan and I gave your website address to many people. I hope it results some sales for you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and best wishes for continued success.
D.W., Georgia, USA

I received my fan today and it is just beautiful. The timing was perfect; I was going to my friends wedding and wanted to take it with me. It arrived two hours before the wedding. What a nice surprise that was. Ideco fans always turn heads. Friends are always asking can I see that fan please. My reply is yes I will open it up for you and show you. […] Sincerely,
O.B., Indiana, USA

I received my lovely fan today and I am so happy with it. Thank you very much.
M.L.B., Washington, USA

Just to thank you for the fans which arrived already today. Wonderful! Merci and greetings.
U.G., Brabant Wallon, Belgium

If your fans weren't so beautiful... I would still have it today!!! I put it down for a second and it was gone... yes it was stolen!!! I didn't even have it a week!!! Oh well, I hope I have better luck this time. Thank you again for your great service.
K.K., New Jersey, USA

Just a quick email to thank you very much for the fan you sent me last month. It was a special birthday present for my mother who was delighted with it. The quality of the fan was quite exceptional, rare to find nowadays, and will be a treasured possession.
T.B., London, England

I need to write to thank you for the gorgeous fans you made for my stepdaughter's wedding. They are spectacular! The delivery time was exceptionally fast. We can not wait until the wedding when everyone sees the gorgeous fans you made for the wedding program. What an opulent treasure they are for us. Again, many, many Thanks.
T.A.P., California, USA

I just received the fans. They came out beautiful. Thank you very much and I'll be sure to pass on to my friends and colleagues the excellent workmanship and service you provided. Thanks again,
T.L., California, USA

Thank you so much for the large order of customized fans you created for an event for us – they are of exquisite quality and arrived promptly. Thank you also for the professionalism and efficiency with which the entire process was managed – I have no hesitation in recommending you.
R.D., L., London, England

[The fans] look really fantastic! We are both so pleased with them and I'm sure our guests will love them as well. Thank you again for all your help.
Kind regards,
B.C., London, England

Upon opening my fan I was utterly speechless - it is gorgeous! I will carry this fan with pride during my wedding! Thank you for such a beautiful piece of art!
J.L.E., Minnesota, USA

The fan arrived in fine shape, and my wife likes it very much. Thank you for your attention.
C.V.Y., Virginia, USA

The most beautiful and exotic fans I have ever seen. I have ordered two from you and I feel like such a graceful and elegant lady when I open my fan for everyone to see.
V.R.H., North Carolina, USA

Dear friends at – I love the fan I recently bought from you! I take it everywhere and tell everyone where I got it. I just wanted to say "Thank you!", so I made you a bookmark. Muchas, Muchas Gracias! Sincerely,
K.C., Oregon, USA

I wish to inform you that I have received my order of three fans. Thank you for your excellent delivery service, and I look forward to contacting you at a later date for more of your fans. Yours faithfully,
D.M., Adelaide, Australia

I have received my fan today. I am very satisfied. It's exactly the product that I was searching for. Thank you very much. Best regards,
A.M.L., Biarritz, France

Hello, I received the fans and as expected, they are beautiful. Thanks so much! Regards,
A.S., Tennessee, USA

The fan arrived today with great speed and in perfect condition. I thank you for this most lovely and graceful accessory. You can look forward to future orders from me, and I will certainly tell admirers of the fan of its distinguished provenance. With greetings and much appreciation,
M.A.S., Michigan, USA

The fans arrived last week and are wonderful. Thanks for being so prompt. [...]
G.G.S., Rhode Island, USA

The fan I ordered for my daughter's wedding arrived today. It's so lovely I could weep. [...] I will certainly recommend your company to my friends... Thank you ...
J.B., Iowa, USA

I am happy to report, my order for two hand fans was delivered in excellent condition. As always, it has been a pleasure working with you and your company.W.R.J., Maryland, USA

We received the fans and they are all very beautiful! Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again!
H.M., Pennsylvania, USA

Your fans are beautiful!, I am looking forward to more fans painted by Jesus Costa. They are quite marvelous!
D.C., Indiana, USA

[The fans] are perfectly splendid, your company did sterling work!

Your fans were pronounced as the "best gift ever" from the participants, who had received various different mementoes for participating in the previous versions of the [event].
L.H., Geneva, Switzerland
(After purchasing custom printed fans for an event)

I wanted a fan for my mother that was originally out of stock. I emailed the company that I was interested in ordering it as soon as it was available. A nice customer service rep contacted me back within a few days and explained that they would email me when it became available. And they did! I was so happy to receive it in the mail shortly thereafter. Now I have the perfect wedding thank you for my mother.
S.V.D., Virginia, USA

I ordered my fan Sunday night, received it Wednesday morning. How great can that be!!!! The fan is gorgeous. Thank you so much!!! Mil gracias!!!!
K.S., New Jersey, USA

...thanks again for the wonderful wedding fans u made for my upcoming wedding. Everyone loved them! [...] thanks again and have a wonderful day.
S.A., California, USA

[...] The fan I received is much more elegant than I visualized it from your website picture, while still being suitable for accessorizing casual clothing. I only wish I had known about your lovely and useful fans before the great power blackout in the Northeast United States last August!
C.V., New York, USA

I received my order today. Wow! Thank you for another gorgeous fan. You overwhelm me. God has given you great talent. I am looking at getting some more here, real soon. [...] Thanks,
O.B., Indiana, USA
(After receiving the second order)

Received my fan today and it is very beautiful. I have been looking at your fans for over two years and finally could not resist any longer. I just had to get one and when I received it, it was even more beautiful than I imagined it to be. I originally bought my fan as a photo prop but it is so beautiful I will be using it for myself instead. Sincerely,
O.B., Indiana, USA

[...] The fan arrived safely last week. Again I'm so pleased about your high standard of quality. [...] Thank you very, very much for your excellent service. Sincerely,
N.G., Offenbach am Main, Germany

Thanks so much: the fans arrived and are lovely. I am really pleased.
J.L., Illinois, USA

Unparalleled! The fans are absolutely gorgeous and the service was second to none! I will definitely be ordering again.
A.O., Luxembourg

My order arrived today in perfect condition, and the fan is beautiful. It is a Christmas present for my wife. Thank you for your great service.
L.J., Maine, USA

I used my fan last night at dinner with friends. Everyone wanted to look at it and "snap" it open.....quite a success.....AND I was cool all evening!
B.S., South Carolina, USA

[...] Quality from a quality business. I am impressed, delighted, and committed to make other purchases in support of an unusual business ethic in today's rather haphazard world. [...] You are the one who made this online shopping experience have a touch of elegance. Yes, the product is lovely, but it still needs a talented, helpful soul to make the world of Internet business seem safe, personal and caring. You have done that. [...]
S.J., Oregon, USA

I LOVE my fans! They are beautiful, have a lovely 'snap' and I'm telling all my friends about them! Thank you for making them available. Cheers,
H.N., Illinois, USA

My lovely fan arrived today and I am delighted. Thank you again for a beautiful product and equally beautiful service! Sincerely,
S.S., New York, USA

Received [the fan] today and it's beautiful! Can't wait to give it to my friend who collects fans. Thank you very much!
A.L., California, USA

Just a note to let you know that the fans were a huge hit at the wedding, everyone commented on how beautiful they were!! The rain held off and it was a beautiful day!! Thanks again for your part in making my daughters day a little more special!!!
J.B., Indiana, USA

Thank you for shipping the order so promptly. The fans arrived and they are beautiful!!!!! Thank you for such excellent service and such beautiful products. I cannot wait to give them out and to hear all the "ooohs" and "aahhhs" they will receive.
C.P., Washington, DC, USA

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