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The following messages and excerpts are a few from the many similar ones which make part of our everyday correspondence with our customers, from their acknowledgement of receipt messages, and from the comments left on our Customer Satisfaction Survey form. We have reproduced some of the messages in their integrity, as well as parts of other messages which are relevant for this purpose. In order to protect the privacy of the senders, we have included their initials instead of their full names. We have respected upper case characters, emoticons, etc., as originally written by their authors.

We are deeply grateful to all the persons who have trusted us since our early days online, back in 1996. Not only they have shown their confidence ordering from us, but they tell their friends about us, link their websites to ours, and send us these encouraging messages. It is thanks to their support that we are here today.

I happily received my fan today, and it's gorgeous! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and time. Thanks again,
B.S., New York, USA

I love your fans. Have probably ordered at least 6 over the last year. I want to order fans for all my girlfriends. [...] I check your website often. Thank you for a fabulous product.
A.R.P., Washington, USA

The fans have arrived and they are lovely. Thank you very much.
M.V.L., Washington, USA

I just wanted to let you know that the fans came in over the weekend and they are beautiful!! If you ever need a reference please feel free to use my email address!! I cannot thank you enough for all your help. These fans will make my daughters wedding just that much more special!! Thanks again and I will recommend your site to anyone.
J.B., Indiana, USA

I am so glad I took your advice and ordered the lace fan [...] It is a pleasure to have this fan in my possession. I will treasure it always. Its size is also fine with me. Thank you very much.
C.C., New Jersey, USA

I received my new fan on Friday and am absolutely thrilled with it. It is perfectly beautiful and now my only dilemma will be choosing which fan to use. I thank you again, for the stunning product you produce, the prompt handling of my order and your gracious and excellent service. Have a wonderful summer. Sincerely,
C.K., New York, USA
(After receiving the second order)

Mil gracias!!!!! Acabo de recibir su envio. Los abanicos llegaron en perfecta condicion. Que gran servicio! Y tambien MUY RAPIDO!!!

Translation: A thousand thanks!!!!! I just received your shipment. The fans arrived in perfect condition. Great service! And VERY FAST too!!!
S.E.C., Minnesota, USA

Today I received my order. My new fan is gorgeous. I can't wait until the weather gets warmer. The fans I ordered to give out as party favors are perfect! I love the beautiful colors. Everything arrived in perfect shape. Thank you.
A.I.F., Washington DC, USA

We received [the fans] yesterday and they are beautiful! Thank you, you have been a great pleasure to work with.
C.G., Arizona, USA

Many of the places that I have lived have been very hot and lacking in "modern" conveniences. As a result, I have been using and collecting fans for the last 45 years. I found your web site quite by accident and I am so glad that I did. You have a truly superior product. I have placed a second order and am looking forward to it's arrival. At some time in the future, I would like to custom order some fans as replacements for some of my delicate antique fans. Until that time, thank you again for the beautiful fans.
N.M., California, USA

In an amazingly short period of time, the order arrived at my gate! Only one package had been opened by U.S. customs, and all were in excellent condition. They are beautiful, and smooth, as advertised. Now, perhaps with careful practice, I will be able to reproduce those expressive sounds I remember! Regards,
M.W.M., Texas, USA

The fans arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful. I ordered two of the small "Fans for Men", one in black and one in off-white for my fianc© and I to carry at our wedding in August. Do you have any ideas for how to preserve the fans after this event? Is there a preferred method of framing them under glass or something? Many thanks,
D.D., California, USA
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Received the fan. It's perfect. [...] My wife loves it. Thanks again for all your help.
S.W., Arizona, USA

Loved my fans, beautiful workmanship!
Will definitely order from your website again.
C.C.T., Alberta, Canada

I received my fans and they are beautiful. Thank you. I cannot wait to use them in public so others can be envious. I will be ordering again in the future.
Thank you again.
K.H., Illinois, USA

I received the hand fan today, it's very beautiful and I really love it. Thank you.
J.V.P., New York, USA

Well, I thought I was going to surprise my wife with her Christmas gift of your fans but I didn't. She wanted to play the 'guessing game' so I tried to mislead her but she guessed that I was giving her 'hand fans'. After she opened her package, she was so excited and really loved the craftsmanship. She went to your website and took the tour, looking at your fans and started picking out what she wanted next. For her birthday in March, I'll be ordering more. Again, thank you so much for having a wonderful product.
G.L.S., Mississippi, USA

I received the order with the two fans yesterday, and they are much prettier than the pictures! Thank you for the order and I will enjoy!
J.B.L., Georgia, USA

The fans worked out wonderfully, thank you so much.
M.J.K., Massachusetts, USA
(After purchasing fans as props for an opera)

Thank you so much for my beautiful fan. I received it today and I' m very pleased with it. The high quality and the design are wonderful ! Best of wishes,
N.G., Offenbach am Main, Germany

My beautiful fan arrived yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Thank you,
J.G., North Carolina, USA

It is a pleasure to do business, in this day and age, with a company that provides such individual and personal service, and is clearly dedicated to customer satisfaction. I look forward to placing an order for another fan soon (I want one in darker colors for winter use) and I am sure that when my friends see the fan, and realize what a wonderful and charming idea it is to have a fan for those warm nights and at the theatre, they will want one, as well. I will be happy to recommend your company to them. Sincere thanks for your help and assistance and best regards,
C. K., New York, USA

I was extremely satisfied and pleased with both the fast service and also the personal service that could not be done any better.
D.C., Nebraska, USA

I received my fan yesterday and am very pleased. It is beautiful! I am planning a trip to Spain for next summer and was wondering if you also have a retail store in Barcelona. Thank you again for the beautiful fan and for such efficient service. Sincerely,
K.C., New Jersey, USA
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I have received the fan and it's in good condition. I gave it to my wife for our anniversary. She just loves it! It is a beautiful fan! You must thank the artist who painted it for me. And thank you for having it available. Cordially yours,
T.M., Washington, USA

Hi!! I received my fan yesterday and have not put it down yet. My fan is even better than it looked in the picture. I am completely satisfied with your company and I will most likely do more business with you in the future. Thanks soooo much!!!! :o) Sincerely,
K.E.H., Pennsylvania, USA
Age: 12 yr.
P.S. I LOVE my fan!!!

The Fans are BEAUTIFUL! We are so excited to have a truly southern themed wedding! The quality is GREAT! Thank you!
A.J., Virginia, USA

Beautiful fans, prompt service, and a pleasant experience.
Hello! Received confirmation of my recent order. Can't wait to see the fan! The last one was beautiful! Very pretty... Thanks for your promptness. Sincerely,
D.C., Indiana, USA

The fans have arrived and they are beautiful. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you.
M.E.G., Massachusetts, USA

The fan arrived Wednesday and it is beautiful. Thank you for such wonderful service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,
J.P., Missouri, USA

Just received my order and am very happy. They were just what I was looking for. The quality is fantastic. A million thanks for such prompt service.
M.N., Pennsylvania, USA

We have indeed received the lovely fans and are very pleased. Once again, it has been well worth the effort and a pleasure at that. We look forward to further collaboration in the future. Kindly,
L.C. and D.K., New York, USA
(After receiving custom printed fans with the customers' own design)

Recibí los abanicos ayer. ¡Qué rápido! Están bellísimos. Muchísimas gracias,

Translation: I received the fans yesterday. How fast! They are beautiful. Thank you so much,
N.P., Texas, USA

Just a brief note to thank you very much for your help with our "abanicos". We received them yesterday and they are just wonderful. They will make a delightful addition to our wedding day. I am very thankful to have found your web site and to have had such a pleasant experience. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Warmest Regards,
E.B., Arizona, USA

I just received the fans! They are exactly as I'd hoped. Thank you for the prompt service. I really appreciate how simple your web site is to navigate, and now that I see the fans, I appreciate how accurate your color photos are! Thank you very much,
L.R., California, USA

I received both of my beautiful fans today! Actually, one is for me and one is for my sister's birthday gift and I'm looking forward to surprising her with it. They are just as beautiful as I imagined and I plan to order more fans as time goes by. Your web site is very well done, easy to navigate and loads quickly, it's a pleasure to use. My sister loves fans so I expect that she will eventually order one or two more after getting this first one as a gift. Thank you also for your quick reply to my e-mails (you didn't even embarrass me by pointing out that I could have checked the FAQ's first for an answer to my question), thank you for your courteous reply.
L.S., North Carolina, USA

I received my fans [...] and they look great! I really do appreciate all of your cooperation and patience. I know our wedding guests will love the fans, and they will come in handy since the wedding is outdoors in June on an island. Once again, you provided me with the greatest customer service, and I thank you! Sincerely,
D.P., Georgia, USA

I want to thank you for your courtesy while I was waiting for the back ordered fans. Your consistent contact with me kept me from worrying. The fans are beautiful and exactly as shown on your web-site. Thanks,
D.L.H., Maine, USA

My fans arrived several days ago. Your packaging was impeccable. I am very pleased with my fans. I look forward to purchasing more beautiful fans from your company in the future. They are wonderfully made and beautifully detailed. Sincerely,
B.B., Montana, USA

I received my fans today and am thrilled! The quality and workmanship are exquisite! I have several more fans I intend to purchase in the near future. Thank you so much for crafting such a beautiful product.
B.H., Utah, USA

I received my order today. I was very happy to get it so soon. It has, at times, taken weeks for items to reach me, that I have ordered from other places, even from here in the US. The fans were exactly like the images I saw at your website, and I was very pleased. The gift card is very nice, and shows a very nice touch of class. I must compliment you on your website. It is very friendly and easy to navigate. All the information is readily available next to each fan, without being cluttered, and everything is easy to read. Everything downloads quickly too. In conclusion, I enjoyed dealing with your company. It appears to be very well run. I have book marked your site, and will tell others about it, and will, of course, consider doing business with you again. You have so many beautiful fans, it was difficult to choose. I am looking forward to presenting my wife with these fans on her birthday when I take her out for dinner. I know she will be very happy with them. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day,
P. L., Missouri, USA

I recently purchased and received a beautiful fan from your company. I'm extremely happy with this gorgeous fan.
L.G., Georgia, USA

I am anxious to receive them to take with us on a trip to a small town [...] that we own a home in. It is extremely hot and humid there this time of year and I plan to give them all away to the local residents. My son was married last August outdoors and we ordered the same fans from your company for all the guests. They were a wonderful addition to the 100 plus degree day. Thank you for a good quality product at a reasonable price. Again, thanks for taking the time to call instead of waiting for me to respond by e-mail. The personal attention is sadly missing from many businesses today- especially web based business. Sincerely,
J.J., California, USA

I would like to thank you so much. I'm very pleased with my fan, and I plan to order more in the future. I use fans everyday and now I have extremely beautiful ones to use. I plan to buy at least one or two every other month. The colors are beautiful and they give a wonderful breeze. The fan I order in the men's catalog is for me. It fits perfectly into a small evening bag, which has always been a problem. The simplicity and beauty of these fans have ended my search for fans. The best thing I ever did was do a search on the Internet. Gracias.
 J.A.G., California, USA

I received my fans today (so fast) and they are fabulous and tres chic. I loved how sweetly they were wrapped. The presentation was lovely. Thank you so much.
B.J.M.,  Maryland, USA

Just wanted to let you know that my fan has been delivered and is really lovely. I appreciate the prompt service and will certainly get information of your fans to the reenactment community.
S.J., Wisconsin, USA

Received the fan. It is beautiful. Many thanks,
B.D., California, USA

I received my fans today and they look lovely. Thank you so much!
J.T., Iowa, USA

The fans arrived this morning and they are truly lovely --the quality of the workmanship is everything your descriptions led me to believe. I will use these with pleasure for many years and recommend you to friends who are also fan lovers. Sincerely,
M.S.G., Virginia, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order of 100 printed fans --- and they turned out absolutely wonderful!!!!!! I could not be more pleased with your product. I am certain that they will be just the right touch for my outdoor wedding. Thank you again. A very pleased customer,
A.L., Florida, USA

My fan is PERFECT!!!! Thank you for creating something so precious.
S.K.O., Illinois, USA

Thank you so much!! We received the fans yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for being so accommodating and so wonderful to work with.
T.C., California, USA

The fans were received this morning. They are beautiful.
Thank you,
K.T., Louisiana, USA

Thank you for all of the help you have given me to get the perfect fan.
I really appreciate it!!
N.G., California, USA

Thank you. We received the fans and they look great!
They will add a lot to our Son's wedding day.
S.K., Delaware, USA

My fiancé has received the fans, and he absolutely loves them!
Thank you so much for all your help. We sincerely appreciate it.
L.E., Georgia, USA

My husband recently purchased a bridal hand fan from you, [...], a very pretty lace one. And everyone agreed that it was beautiful, elegant and much better that a bouquet of flowers. We decided to make it a family heirloom. What I would like to know is, how can it be preserved so years down the road it doesn't turn yellow or brown, and the cloth rips apart, or get all moth ridden. Thank you very much.
P.S. I appreciated how quick shipment was too.
A.F., Massachusetts, USA

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I received my beautiful fan [...] I love it and will order more for sure.
Thanks for the great service.
J.J., Colorado, USA

Just wanted to let you know I love your fans. This is my third order with your company. My friends and I use them at the dance clubs. The fans are not only fashionable but functional. They keep us cool on the dance floor. I never go to the club without one. I have been nicknamed the Fan Boy... Thanks for the endless hours of entertainment. "You rock".
T.B., Michigan, USA

I just wanted to write and compliment you on an excellent service. It's not often nowadays that I find myself in the happy position of sending such an email, but I could not criticise your service at all. You have an excellent product range, all the information you sent me immediately my order was placed was very concise, and the fan arrived, beautifully packaged, exactly when it was due to arrive. I am extremely pleased with the fan. It is for my wedding in August, and I am sure it will be just perfect for the big day! If I ever need another fan, or hear of anyone else that does, I will not hesitate in recommending your company. Well done, keep up the good work, and have a nice weekend!
R.S.,  Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I received the fans this week, and they will be perfect!! Thanks for the prompt service!
R.M.B., Wisconsin, USA

I received my fans and they are beautiful, I used one last night and everyone had to look at it. I used the black one last night! Thank you again!
L.S., Florida, USA

I just wanted to send you this message to let you know I received the fans. We are very pleased with them and they look great. Thank you for a great job. I will certainly be thinking of how I can inform my friends and colleagues about your great work. Thank you again.
J.W., California, USA

I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided. Your fans are beautiful. They will make my wedding day that much more memorable. I want to compliment you on how diligent and considerate you were with me (your customer). Your service was quite impressive. Thank you again for everything.
S.E., California, USA

The fan arrived  in excellent condition. Thanks for the prompt shipment.
It's a true work of art.
T.M., Colorado, USA

I have received the fans today, and all I can say is that they're exquisite! Everyone is very happy with their fans [...] I am very pleased with your efforts in bringing forth to your clients the best services possible, and the special attention you give to their tastes and needs. Thank you very much.
 S.A.A.S., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Oh,'s gorgeous. So beautifully worked and the perfect size! I was a little nervous that it might be either too big or too small. The wood is so soft to the touch. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. I've been showing it off here at the office and everyone is just blown away by it. This is going to be a wonderful addition to my trousseau and an heirloom for my daughters... Thank you so much for sending it FedEx. And for wrapping it so beautifully in the silver paper. It really made it Christmas morning here in Boston! Thanks again for everything.
E.H., Massachusetts, USA

I am very pleased with my fans.
S.S.,  Virginia, USA

Received the fans today [...] They are exquisite!! The gift wrapping was a very nice touch. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the workmanship of these fans. They will last a lifetime [...] your products are well worth the expense and are definitely quality made [...] You might consider adding to your customer service survey an option above and beyond "Very Satisfied", because (in terms of internet ordering, shipping, and customer service) you are in the area of FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL, and HIGHLY CONSIDERATE, ABOVE AND BEYOND VERY SATISFIED AND INTO ELATED... 
M.R., Virginia, USA

Thank you for your continued assistance with this college event. Today we received the shipment of fans and were very pleased with it.  The fans will work very well with our program theme as well as add a touch of authenticity. Everything was certainly more than we had expected. Our guests will be very pleased to receive such a beautiful gift. Once again, thank you very much.
J.W., Delaware, USA

Your site has been, so far, the greatest find of the new year, decade, century, etc! I'm very satisfied indeed, with the fans I've bought! Hope you'll keep me informed about eventual new items available! [...] Thank you very much! It has been wonderful doing business with you!
C.F.C.N., São Paulo, Brazil

Our fan arrived on Friday; it's beautiful and was in perfect condition. Thank you for all your help in getting it to the States so quickly. It is much appreciated.
S.M., Georgia, USA

Several weeks ago, I was presented with the lovely gift of a leather fan, [...] which I understand is the product of your exceptional craftsmanship. I asked [...] for your email address so I could tell you personally how much I love it! It is truly a work of art and is the perfect confluence of design and beauty. Already, I treasure it amongst my prized possessions. I understand that the creation of this fan was very challenging, however the results are magnificent. Thank you for not giving up and for making my vision of a leather fan a reality.
A.D., London, England

[...] Nuevamente le estoy muy agradecida por la atención y el servicio que Ud. me ha brindado y por haber hecho posible que mi Madre se sintiera feliz a pesar de las distancias que nos separan.

Translation: [...] Again thank you very much for your attention, for the service that you have provided, and for making possible for my Mother to feel happy in spite of the distance that keeps us apart.
N.N.C., California, USA

[...] Thank you for the beautiful fans and wonderful service. There should be a higher category than "very satisfied" like "excellent" or "delighted": this would have been my response to all categories! [...] Thanks for everything!
P. M. R., New York, USA

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received my order of sandalwood fans, and they are precious. They are exactly what I hoped they would be. Thank you! 
T. M. S., Texas, USA

Many thanks for being so flexible [...] I think you guys have a great service here and I have certainly been telling all my friends how helpful you have been.
I. B., London, England

The fans have arrived and are beautiful. Thank you.
D. M. M., Texas, USA

You are the "very best"! Thank you for a painless order process and your wonderful service.
M. D., California, USA

My fan arrived in good condition today. I just wanted you to know that I'm very happy with it. Thank you.
J. D., Massachusetts, USA

[...] I am so happy to know Ideco is online. I have always had a fondness for hand fans, and now I will be able to indulge myself this summer. :)
L. S. S., New York, USA

The briefcase I ordered from your company arrived today in perfect condition and it is just wonderful. A short while earlier I ordered two folding fans, and they are exactly what I was looking for, too. But this briefcase is exquisite. The size is perfect, and the workmanship is excellent. I just want you to know that you have one extremely satisfied customer out here in cyber-space. If you, by any chance, have a more extensive print catalog I would love to have one. If not, I'll keep checking in from time to time to examine your showcased merchandise.
J. W. M., Ph.D., Missouri, USA

Hallelujah! We received the fans and they are nicer than the internet photograph. I am sure my daughter will be delighted with them as favors at her wedding and I certainly appreciate all of your valuable help. My first overseas internet commerce has paid off in a big way thanks to you and your conscientious way of doing business.
F. H., Georgia, USA

I just got my order and am ecstatic [...] The fans, cords and tassels are fabulous
  [...] I love everything!
G. M. V., Florida, USA

I loved everything about your company.
G. J. E., New York, USA

I just received my fans and they're beautiful! I'm so glad you suggested the dark blue, which is very elegant and fits in to the color scheme perfectly [...] Thank you again for everything. I was very proud of myself for finding your website on the Internet and hope that many others do as well.
S. R. B., New York, USA

I wanted to let you know that my fan arrived just in time for St. Valentine's Day!! I could not have asked for a better Valentine's gift. The fan is quite beautiful. The combination of the dark wood with the floral motifs is elegant and visually stunning. I cannot imagine how time consuming it must be to construct and decorate the fans. I'm certainly planning to order more in the future. Thank you for your patience with my questions and for the prompt delivery of my fan.
B. K. L., Nova Scotia, Canada

Your confidence was not misplaced - the fan arrived in today's mail. Thank you so much for your courteous and attentive service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
R. A. K., California, USA

Thanks for your courtesy and prompt responses. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to renewing that pleasure sometime in the future.
M. P., New Hampshire, USA

I am letting you know that the fans arrived on the 23rd. although I received them last night. They are beautiful. I think the girls will be very happy with them. Now I have the hard choice of who gets which fan. Thank you again for such quick service, our mail service in the States would not have gotten them to me as fast.
S. K. A., California, USA

The fans are truly works of art!! [...] Thank you so much for all of your help--I will definitely tell my friends about the good, courteous service I received from you. Thank you for your time and help.
A. F. A., Pennsylvania, USA

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