Custom Made Bridal Hand Fan for Miss Sarah Erlandson

This wonderful fan features a beautifully pierced and carved bone ribbing (see details below). The extremely delicate lace was provided by the buyer, Miss Sarah Erlandson. It is the same lace used for her bridal dress.
After we received a sample piece of lace from Miss Erlandson we proposed four different ribbings. The four proposed ribbings were made of natural bone, because they ideally matched the lace in style and color. For the purpose of this project we built a special private website, where large photographs of the four ribbings (and the sample piece of lace besides each one of them) were shown in detail. Miss Erlandson used that site to view and compare the ribbings, and shared it with other persons whose opinions helped her to make her decision.

Miss Erlandson then selected one of the ribbings and sent us the required amount of lace, which we tailored to and mounted on the ribbing. The whole process took eleven weeks, since Miss Erlandson first contacted us until she received the fan at her office. The entire business was conducted through the Internet. There was no need to make any telephone calls and the physical goods were transported by Federal Express.

For us, it was a great pleasure carrying out this exciting project for such a nice and knowledgeable customer.

* Miss Erlandson's name appears with her authorization. If you are interested in unique party rentals, don't miss Fancy That, her business site.