Custom Printed Hand Fans for Events and Campaigns

Custom Printed Hand Fans for Events and Campaigns


Custom Printed Fans for Events and Campaigns

Add one important factor for the success of your events: Help your guests keep cool with folding fans that are, at the same time, wonderful souvenirs and a powerful communication medium. These are their strong points:

Extremely appreciated by guests

Our hand fans are perceived as valuable, useful, beautiful gifts. So, your guests will gratefully receive and use them.

Folding and lightweight

Truly portable, our hand fans fit inside a hand bag or purse. They are always ready when needed, and therefore they have a long useful life.


Large print area

With a printable area of 590 square centimeters (91 ½ square inches), our fans provide ample space for highly visible messages and designs.

Excellent format
for eye-catching designs

Artists and designers have always been attracted by the semicircular crown format of the folding fan, which favors beautiful, audacious designs. We will be pleased to develop the print design for your fans, or help your designers with a print template and close advice as needed for obtaining optimum results.

From 1-color silk-screen to
CMYK lithography print

From one simple, flat color print, to full color designs and photographs, we always offer the best solution for your project. From 100 to any quantity of fans.

Very durable

Made with high quality materials, our hand fans keep beautiful and operational after years of daily use.

Highest quality and finish

Our folding fans are nicely handmade by skilled craftsmen, and go through a strict individual quality control before shipping. So, they are the best quality match for your event or brand.

Many different options

With different materials, colors and printing possibilities available, we will always be able to offer the right category of fans for your project.

Reasonable cost

You will be surprised at how affordable our folding fans are. Just let us know about your project, and we will be pleased to quickly send you a personalized quotation. 


Length (when closed): 23 cm (9 inches)
Width (when unfold): 43 cm (17 inches)
Height (when unfold): 23 cm (9 inches)
Weight: 60 g (2 oz)
Print area: 590 square centimeters (91 ½ square inches)
Leaf: Durable cotton fabric.
Ribbing: Polyethylene.
Available colors: Pink, white, ivory white, violet, fuchsia, light blue, green, yellow, red, orange, navy blue and black.
Ribbings in custom colors are possible for orders 10,000 or more fans.
Printing techniques: Silk-screen (on the leaf or on the guard);
lithography (on the leaf only).
Print design: We will develop the print design or help your designers with a print template and advice as needed for obtaining the best results.

Ask for a quotation!

Please send us a message providing the following information:

  1. How many fans are needed. If you are interested inwedding fans, please see their specific section.
  2. What the deadline is. Please be aware that custom printed fans ship in 5 weeks minimum from reception of order.
  3. Where the fans must be shipped to (country and ZIP code).
  4. What are the design requirements. Please provide image file/s if available.
  5. If possible, please provide information about the event, including URL if any.
  6. Your preferences and any additional comments that you may want to make.

We will answer very soon with our suggestions and best quotation.


You may order samples of custom printed fans of the type shown on this page. The samples are sold in packages of 3 assorted fans, which we will select from our stock (they are samples of our previous work) in accordance with your preferences of color and type of print. The fans are marked as samples. To order the samples, please click on the Order button below and indicate your preferences using the Ordering Instructions text box on the shopping basket.

The purpose of making sample fans available for sale is helping our customers evaluating the quality of our custom printed fans. Because sample fans are scarce, we currently accept only one order of such items per customer.

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