Funny Hand Fan FH112SK "Skull"

Funny Hand Fan FH112SK "Skull"


A brand new bold proposal by our designers: “The Skull hand fan”. A stunningly chic hand fan which merges Gothic style with the latest fashion trends.

Perfect to excel and to stand out anytime.

Size: Handbag.
Background color: Turquoise blue and black.
Length (when closed): 23 cm (9 inches)
Width (when unfold): 42.5 cm (17 inches)
Height (when unfold): 23 cm (9 inches)
Ribbing: High quality pear wood, nicely enameled.
Leaf: durable cotton fabric, printed.
Decoration: A beautifully printed design with funny cartoon skulls on  turquoise blue, decorated with a delicate black lace.
With a hanging silvered loop and a lovely pink tassel.
See the detail images below.
This fan snap opens and shuts with a very smooth movement and nice sound.

Limited edition of 500 copies, each one signed by the designer. Each fan is shipped with its certificate of authenticity.

Funny Hand Fan FH112SK "Skull" Funny Hand Fan FH112SK "Skull"
Funny Hand Fan FH112SK "Skull"

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